Sunday, February 15, 2009

sketch or study for a painting....

this is on paper.

i become a facebook member about 3 weeks ago and  i have been totally overwhelmed.....i don't know if any of you are members, but within these weeks i have somehow collected about 373 "friends".  i don't know who 99% of them are. .....of course, i don't know who i am half the time..but anyway....well,  unless i'm drunk, then i know who everyone is.
where do they come from?  what do i say, i don't have time to read everything or respond, this is way too much commitment, i'm panicked....
(head between knees, breathing deep breathes) 

OK, OK, i guess i will get the hang of it, i will probably ignore it like i do most everything in my life.  

and ewww, i don't like it between my knees - who thought that one up? - that's a bad idea.


Anonymous said...

I love the color of the sky and just love your paintings!

Anonymous said...

One more comment, The more I look, the more I like! Look at those tennis shoes and hair!

lisa bebi said...

you made me look at the hair and tennis shoes!

thank you for the nice comments.

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