Wednesday, February 18, 2009

"backward glance"

painting on paper.

my computer connection has been down, so i haven't been able to update, but this is my newest paper on paper.
anyone else out there have a nasty headache - sinus problem?
ugh!  it's hard to work with one.
i have 2 articles and a project due today too.
it's always like this, make me feel like a flake, 
 ok i am a bit of one......ok 
maybe sometimes more than a bit.....
i will try harder.


som said...

sinus headaches? Yep! I can't do a thing when they hit!! between those and migraine's it's a wonder I can do anything at all!! If it feels like the beginning of a's coffee and the migraine strength excedrin. If it feels like a sinus headache I reach for the sinus headache Benadryl! and when those don't work it must be stress so I reach for a martini or two and a very hot bath!! that always works. SOM

lisa bebi said...

great advice! i like the stress relief the best.

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