Thursday, January 1, 2009

happy new year!


bottom's up!

here's to your good health!

drink and be merry!!!

(first, i need to pitch a bitch about cox cable leaving me with NO internet connection for the past 4 days...) outrageously bad conduct on cox's part. naughty naughty service.
ok done with that lash out with cox, on to more merrier thoughts.

so here's to a new year, new beginnings and all things looking up!?!

last year started out so very promising...there seemed to be plenty of money circulating among my friends and fans...... i had 3 really wonderful workshops: one here in luecadia, one in paris, france and one in washington state (artfest). lots of art opportunites for me as well.
then, i had hand and knee surgery. (separate surgeries) that sucked, but now i am better, thanks.
then we had an extented stay in italy in october. i was to have a few workshops there, but they didn't pan out---i blame bad finances - globally. no one wanted to afford it or risk it-- at that time - and they were probably right.
then the new art TV show business.
yep, lots can happen in a year.
this painting i am standing in front of (me looking extremely geeky, er, drunk) with my lovely daughter rosie (see how much she has changed since march 2008, look at previous post where she is with her brother)...sold to the highest bidder for $1,000. at "panache" in escondido last march. that was exciting. a live auction. i love those. (i know i have posted this pic before - sooooooo. i just wanted to post a picture of me toasting with champagne! to wish you happy new years!) oh, hold on!!--- that's a wine glass!!! - well, i was drinking champagne earlier that evening!)

i was on vicodin (before knee surgery) and drinking said champagne - that was fun at first........then i was very sick. my daughter rosie will never let me forget that mistake. it upset brooke too.
still, i had a fun evening.
so i wish you all a great new year. i hope we all have better circulation this year. money circulation that is.
as for me, i think i will stick with painting, minus the vicodin. but always champagne.

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