Friday, January 2, 2009


we just saw this movie, rosie, jamie and me.....we all three cried like babies.
it's a very sad, mournful, moving movie which makes you think about what is important in life and about aging and (lost) opportunity. it is also about love and loss and love and loss some more.
the movie was created from a short story by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Brad Pitt plays the awed-faced, always witnessing from the sidelines, internally mournful as he knows he is odd (no matter what age he is playing) Benjamin Buttons. it is the story of a man born as an elderly baby and how he lives through his completed life growing younger and younger until, well, you know. buttons offers as explanation throughout the movie, that he was born with a strange affliction, or that he is actually a lot younger than he looks........
but actually only a few people realize that he is moving through life getting younger instead of older.

we, three, thought the movie was very good and provocative, albeit sad at times. it makes you think and it makes you feel.
just don't wear mascara.

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