Saturday, December 6, 2008

town talk......

This fun loving girl is on the outside of a box i created for an article i did for somerset magazine. inside the box is her counterpart, a conservative girl from west point.


Scarlet Fields said...

I am really behind, and stressed and wanting to leave my day job and be an artist full time, I dont know where to begin...I think this piece is "me", only just the opposite. How long can a person be two people.....lovely piece. Scarlet

lisa bebi said...

scarlet i feel your pain --- although i don't have a day job, i feel pulled in different directions even in art.
i have two distinct styles.
one is the stuff i publish and the other is the stuff i show in galleries - sometimes there are overlaps, sure.
but all i'm saying is.....even in fun stuff like creating there are opposite pulls.

but in any event, i'm sorry you are feeling stressed. there is just nothing good about stress.

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