Monday, December 1, 2008

thanksgiving week ends

it has been a long week - rosie was off school for the entire week.  she will go to school tomorrow and try to trick some friends by saying that school was only out a couple of days - and where were you? - kind of thing.

the N Art Magazine TV Show:  well,  getting the show done and off to close captioning and then to the local TV station was the last escapade of  many ---many nerve fraying and fully fret-some experiences.  yeah, i don't know if fret-some even makes sense. 
so the show aired today and my husband thought it was good.  i must say even my 14 year old watched the whole show.  last time she ran out after the first 5 minutes.
the show is not perfect, but getting better.
i liked simon - he was someone i met recently as i liked his art photos.  i asked him to come along with us the day to meet and interview other artists after we shot his segment.  (the rest of the show he did after we shot his segment, it was created out of sequence).  i.e.,  his segment was actually the first thing we shot for this episode, so if he came across as "fresh", that was because he was - right off the truck as they say.  but i liked him as he is an artist himself and was truly interested in what other artists have to say.
so i am going to ask him back - i do like the idea of having "guest artists" as co-hosts along with......., THE HOST, who is my beautiful daughter brooke!

if you missed the show, you can catch it on our (new) website,, click episode three.  it should be up in a day or two.

as for me----i'm ready to finish a couple of big paintings - i miss painting SO MUCH!

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nathalie said...

Hey Lisa - you've been tagged! rules are on my blog along with a link to you, but basically you tell 7 interesting things about yourself then tag 7 others. wanna play? hope so.

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