Wednesday, December 3, 2008

new works with craft punches!

as the editor of , N Art Magazine, TV show, i have had the honor of meeting many new, accomplished artists.  take for instance artist, David Adey.

Adey had the idea that while photos take a 3-d objects and render them as flat objects, why not take the flat image (photo) and make it in the round.  
adey, taking this idea further, takes glossy fashion ads, (skin of the model only; not clothes or words) and extrudes a sculptural like 3 -d relief by reassembling the cut -by -craft -punch "skins" with specimen pins.   By craft punches, i mean the kind you would buy from craft stores like Michaels.  

Take a closer look and see for yourself (click on the image),  just how many different craft punches he used for this "skin" of Katie Holmes.  
or you can google his name, David Adey.  He is worth a look.  and its fun to play "identify the craft punch". 


Joy Logan said...

How kewl and original an idea is hisssssssssss??? WOW

Angela said...

omg, this is the coolest thing I think I've seen all year, seriously!

While I've done this with -squares- I never once thought of doing it was a variety of shapes. Now I have a reason to buy those silly punches! :)

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