Tuesday, December 23, 2008

caros, brooke and me.....

last mother's day (and brooke's 31 bday), just on our way out from the argentinia restaurant ...i was a bit tipsy and was whipsering something into my daughter's hair, apparently.
i think i was whispering (a bit loudly), "heeeeeeeeeey, look, there is a baaaaaaag lady!".

and got caught.

brooke and carlos look a bit tense -----i recognize that expression on their faces....my brother and i always had that sort of tense face when we went out with our folks, like, gawd, i can't wait for this nerve wracking evening finish and, dear gawd, please keep my parents from embarrassing the hell out of us!!

oh well.
you can tell by their body language, they were hoping for a clean escape, except i have their path blocked!

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