Monday, November 10, 2008

TV show

turns out it is not that easy putting on a TV show. what? do you think i'm kidding?
i have been working very hard the last couple of weeks trying to put together a large sponsorship package. Putting together this package, which i had to make up from thin air, is work. i have created the packages so that we can sell "air time" --- so that we can continue showing off the art work of this region.

it took me a week to write up the sponsorship packages - equaling 10 pages. but who will read these ten pages of sponsorship opportunity. looks like i can't even get my fellow owners to read it. i tried to spice up the reading by adding a few graphics here and there. still, 10 pages is 10 pages. i will need to sum it up to a one page "cheat sheet" of pricing.

I have also been scheduling artists for interviews, gathering ideas and materials, calling for more funding, gone to filming of events, helping direct so that the show is more visually appealing, plus meetings, meetings and more meetings. it has been fun, don't get me wrong, but tonight i am tired. and very cranky. plus i don't have a new book to read at night yet.

it's fun, but all this time there has been a certain sadness in my heart - as exciting as it all seems - a sadness that runs deep. And i know what that sadness is....i know this depression better than any other because i have carried all my is this: i have not been able to paint. and i hate that.

so i am hoping to get caught up with all my ground work for N Art Magazine so that i can get back to what keeps me mentally stable ( more or less) - creating/painting. (and exercising -- swimming)
even my husband agrees that i have been away from the canvases too long. (painting canvases not the boxing ring canvases).

oh, and by the way, don't ever fill out those spam emails that really look like they are from wells fargo (or other bank) - it can create a problem with your accounts (see previous post) husband, in his defense, was still jet-lagged when he fell for that nigerian prank.

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