Friday, November 7, 2008


this painting is entitled

"art school"

today wells fargo shut down our accounts because of unusual activity. turns out that 3 different people tried to withdraw money on our business accounts today. 2 for 980.00 each and one for $1500. what is up with that? luckily wells fargo blocked our accounts and did not pay off on these. but, unfortunately wells fargo blocked our accounts so that we can't access our monies over the weekend. heartily suggesting that we open up new accounts tomorrow. what a hassle. of course we are so glad they blocked the accounts.
who does this? who gets our bank account info and steals from our accounts. these were our business accounts and my husband's attorney/client account monitored by the state bar. the bank said it was probably due to "phishing" but we have spend a lot of money on such things as mcaffe and, whats the other security screening software called? anyway, the point is, we try.

why all on one day? strange they were different names in different parts of town.

i like that wells fargo protected us, but they did that while we were in italy too. it was us trying to get access to our money and then they blocked it. we didn't know why, we figured that the various ATM's wouldn't accept our cards. that made it hard to get money! fortunately we really didn't need that much more money. it saved me from buying too much in the flea market on tuesdays.

tomorrow i will be with the camera crew filming all day, starting in little italy, filming and interviewing simone loli, photographer, then going on to la jolla to film the boban show and after that on up to oceanside museum for the reception of quilt visions international show.
whew, that sounds like a busy day. i better go to bed while i'm still awake!!!!

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