Thursday, November 27, 2008

late night with PBS......

just finished watching this enlightening documentary called "the rape of europa", named after a famous 1686 painting by giordano....
it is a strange but true story of how the greedy and maniacal mind of hitler and his friends worked. how hitler decided to purge countries like poland of not only "subclass humans" but also attempted to erase them from history by systematically destroying heritage monuments and art!

imagine that.
i can comprehend (although despise the idea) the early catholics attempt at world domination by killing people then creating their own type of ideal parish by building monumental churches that both scare and awe townsfolk into belief. although horrible, this reasoning at least makes sense.

but who but hitler was not content with wiping out populations by killing?
but felt that the "sub human" race needed to be destroyed through destruction of her art too.

this emphases to me just how very important art is to culture and culture is her people; the definition of who they, (the people) are, is
so important that removing heritage and art is an unthinkable crime to humanity - a deed only someone as evil as hitler could fathom.
as has been said before, art is not only who you are, but what you are as a people. without art, the history and culture of a people can be anihilated , unrecoverable and undefined.
sorry for getting so political and dramatic on you--this KPBS show has me wound up.

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