Thursday, November 27, 2008

happy thanks-pigging

(photo of herded chicks)

i decided to go to the gym today before i went on to my friends' renee richetts and mary jo hart's for thanksgiving dinner.
they had a small crowd which was fun and lively and, well, full of really really good eats! perfect turkey, homemade cranberry sauce, real stuffing, potatoes, gravy, greens, pies and pies and pies......

at the gym, i figured it was going to be crowded before lunch time on thanksgiving. it wasn't too bad, but many of the people there looked as though they might need the hospital which is very conveniently positioned next door.
the gym was only opened until 1:30 today (yeah, that's 24 hour fitness)!! at about 12:30 the staff obnoxiously started a repeating announcement that the gym will be closed at 1:30 p.m.. and the staff started circulating the gym telling people in person that the gym was closing soon. as i emerged from the swim locker room, and clearly about to the leave gym, a little round staff member shouted good-bye to me (i wasn't even close to the door yet) and wished me to have (what i thought she said was) "happy thanks-pigging".
i thought that was rude.
i gave her the squeeze-eye. i wasn't sure i heard her correctly. did she said that or did she simply say "happy thanksgiving"? i am a bit neurotic about my weight, especially at the gym.
she just smiled while i was still giving the "eye".
i said finally, "thank. you. and. same. to. you." fake smile, squeezed-eyes.
she cheerfully said "thanks" back to me and continued on her way to rush others out the door.

i wondered........
was she happy to have said happy thanks-pigging or just happy to see me leave? OR simply happy it is thanksgiving?
life at the gym can be complex.

still i didn't like being rounded up and rushed out of the gym like that.
i hate being rounded up and herded. period.
i suspect my dislike of being rounded up and herded comes from a deep ancestral fear gene - the german jew gene. fearing, i could get herded naked into a gym shower................damn that hitler.

i know, this must be a carry over of neurotic-ness i have from watching that show last night on PBS (see previous post). the show about how hitler robbed countries of art.........
happy thanks-pigging!
hmmmm, i wonder.

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