Saturday, October 25, 2008

parrrteee girl!

i just got back from italy like, an hour ago and wanted to drop by the blog to let you know that i'm baaack! i can't wait to post the pics from the lovely tranquil, god kissed earth of Umbria -mother nature's greenest valley, so much richer than the soil of tuscany....if you could even imagine that!

Thinking about some getaways on our trip, I just wanted to post this picture of one of the "goddesses"(?) from Bomarzo (north of rome) The Sacred Wood, constructed in 1552 (see my earlier post, oct. 11 for a description of this crazy park).

and my, my would you look at that splits this one is doing?!! and just for laughs, she has a little doorway, positioned, well, just wear it counts! nutty italians, and this is a family park, too! oh, i guess my puritan background is showing.
but is she cool, or what?

more reporting on the family's little (big) farmhouse tomorrow.....zzzzzzciaobabyzzzzz

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