Tuesday, October 28, 2008

my article in somerset magazine...

check out the newest Somerset Studio magazine and see my article entitled "Bisquick Batik Technique" (nov. 08)----
i hope you like it.
(also see previous post may 17) when i first submitted the piece.
magazine work is interesting - if you want to get your work in a chirstmas issue you must submit in may. the first year i did this, i was on the lookout in stores for christmas imagery to do my project. i learned that that wouldn't work, so now i have seasonal "stuff" for art around the studio yearlong.


Joy Logan said...

am finding this out lately...I rarely do seasonal works unless it moves me in the season. The tuscany pic is unreal!!!

lisa bebi said...

joy, you will probably see your family members in my work in the new apron-o-logy magazine due to come out in 2009!

cconz said...

lisa, i loved your work and instructions for paintovers in the somerset studio's workshop issue. So, i can't wait to see your new stuff in the new issue. Thanks for the inspiration!!!!

lisa bebi said...

well cocnz:
its nice to meet you - i took a look at your art and find it very amusing and fun.
love your dog.

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