Thursday, October 30, 2008

the family farm........

here are a few pictures i have taken to try to show you just how big the farmland of my in-laws actually is. if you look at the end pictures you might see a couple of pinkish building on the far left. those are 2 of the family farmhouses. this time of year, the earth is churned up just after the sunflower harvest. now if you take a photo with the houses on it and join it end to end with the farmland without a house, that should give you an idea of the depth of the acreage.

But now, i am getting ready to say good-bye to italy on the blog, at least. i am sure i am beginning to bore you like a host who invites guests over just so he can pulled out the old projector to vacation photos. what? you say that's what i have been doing?!? well, you just don't appreciate the good life.

good-bye for now my Gubbio............ but don't worry, i will carry you in my heart until next year.

oh, before i go, i just want to say something to all you smartasses out there who corrected me about mentioning the swimming pool water was aquafina, yes, i suppose i knew aquafina is a water bottled here in CA, probably by coke-cola. i meant the swimming pool water is mountain mineral water like pellegrino or acqua panna which is actually bottled in florence, not too many miles from here. in any event it is actually mountain water from the nearby Apennine mountains.
the pool is heated to a constant 72 degrees with four large filter systems.

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