Saturday, October 11, 2008

monster love in italy.

Bomarzo's weird Monster Park, also known as The Sacred Wood, is 10 miles from Rome.
We went there today, it was a 2 hour drive from Gubbio, but it was such a perfect, beautiful day, that we only enjoyed every minute of the drive.
this monster park is very fascinating, but hard to find. it was constructed in 1552 under the command of Prince Orsini who was in love with a woman who died, in her honor he ordered the construction of this haunting garden. it was then created by Vatican architect Pirro Ligorio,. The place is a tranquil, beautiful and bizarre escape from busy Italy, with trickling streams, waterfalls and shady walks interrupted by vast mythical creatures representing the union of death and nature. Statues include Cerberus [guardian of the Underworld]; a full-size elephant killing a Roman legionary, a dragon fighting a dog, lion and wolf; Pegasus the flying horse; Neptune talking to a dolphin, a leaning house and this weird face that you can walk into and have dinner if you liked, it has a table built inside.
some people think that creating ugly statues couldn't possibly be imagined from someone in love, but for Orsini, it had to be monsters.
this place is delightful and romantic, i can't say for sure why it is romantic, but it just is. perhaps because it is so exotic.


SOM said...

Il pics sono bello!! Come l'officina va? Amerebbe essere lĂ­!! Non aspettarĂ  di che venire la casa. SOM

Joy Logan said...

I am soooooooo jealous I am on the floor kicking up and down with my feet Lisa!!!!!!

freddy said...

Sacred Wood is very unusual and fascinating. You really know how to whet a travel appetite. If I ever visit Italy I'd really like to visit Sacred Wood. I hope you continue to have a wonderful vacation.

carin.c said...

Wow - this sounds so intriguing - thanks for sharing. Now if I could only get back to Italy! I found your blog sometime ago I think through an artful blogging issue and enjoy checking in from time to time.

lisa bebi said...

thank you for visiitng my blog. come back soon, i hope to be able to post photos of my trip soon!

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