Wednesday, September 17, 2008

thank you for joining us tonight...

well tonight was the first night of "the gallery walk" shooting for our ABCTV pilot called "The Art Show".....i loved it. artists are not actors but they are very passionate people...which makes them very interesting as well as their work. one of the artists told an emotional story about what inspired her to create her sculpture which made me cry. another artist spoke of her internal struggle with creating abstract pieces. someone else talked about her technique of pouring watercolor onto paper allowing colors and shapes discover themselves.
ramona konar and i worked hard tonight directing the show.....who knew?
tonight, i saw the first part of the featured segment show that was shot last weekend. it was only the intro after editing and i began to weep. its my baby.....and it is coming to life. of course i am not doing this alone......we are 5 owners; we are N Magazine and media group -and we think the same way......we want to help showcase the great art in the area as well as pointing out that there is no reason for san diego to be considered culturally cavernous..therefore, this is a project of love and our collective family. the family is growing bigger and bigger everyday. and what a blast!
don't forget to watch ABCTV, channel 10, Sunday, September 28 at 4 p.m. -OK i think i hear my bed calling me........night all.

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