Friday, September 26, 2008

oh momma....

I had a
last night. last night's dream was that i was to be the host of a very posh awards banquet for the film industry being aired live on world wide TV. i was told to give the 15 second warning before going on the air....
which i did, then papers were shoved in front of me to read...they had the winners names, names of who was escorting them, the name of their movie, the role they played and some other interesting facts, and of course the surprise award. as the seconds ticked down to my air time, i realized i had an incomplete script, and what i did have was in an incomprehensible language. in deparation i asked people around me for prenounciations and to help me get the script in an organized order. in short, i could not make heads nor tails of the program. the audience was hushed waiting for my annoucements. i called brooke over to help me, she is good at reading hard to pronounce stuff. she couldn't help me long as she was busy with her dog. she got asked to leave because of the dog.
the time to talk occurred, i cleared my throat and welcomed everyone to the show, told them that i would be the announcer and to hold a second while i found my papers. totally embarrassing. the harder i looked, the worse my organization became. i was hugely making a mess of things and people were shifting in their seats. finally i was able to give one award out and everyone applauded. that was conforting.
i tried to give out another award, but nothing was labled and i knew i couldn't guess! a man tried to help me but he was clearly worse off then me with his organization skills. the papers got dropped upside down.......i knew at that moment there was no saving grace. it went this way until i awoke in a sweat.
so, what do you suppose i'm worried about?

well, i think the show will be better than all my worriedness.
at least i pray so.
ah, well, they're always room for improvement.
did anyone watch Earl last night? i felt like that!

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