Wednesday, September 24, 2008

my dear jenny........

i LOVE jenny doh!!!   i just love her.

she has been my biggest and best mentor for my creative expression and  writing.  i am very grateful to her.
who is she?  She is the executive editor , editor in chief of many of the Stampington publications., which includes the wonderful Somerset Studio magazine.
you can also find her at

as you may gather from the photo, i deeply appreciate our friendship.  (i bet you thought we were engaged!)
nah, thats just my gratitude hug.

also i admire her for her energy and talent and foresight.  she is very brainy.  (graduated from UCLA with high honors)
she is down to earth and sensitive.
i will be visiting her tomorrow at her studio in laguna niguel.  we will have a wonderful lunch and we will talk and plot about what we will do together creatively after i get back from italy and on into 2009.


Jenny Doh said...

Thanks for everything, Lisa. It was fun visiting with you. I'm so proud of you. Look forward to hooking up with you and the San Diego quilt world.

lisa bebi said...

i love you, man- don't we make a cute couple???? -!!!!
i know, i'm silly.

you will get an eyeful here in san diego's rosie' calico cupboard! i told her about you and the magazines about 10 years ago, finally the day is coming that you two will meet. ( i used to do Curves (workouts) with rosie)
i will go to her website and listen to your recent interview with her.

Joy Logan said...

Cute pic!

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