Saturday, September 6, 2008

la jolla cove....

tomorrow my daughter will race a mile in la jolla cove - we can't wait to cheer her on. she is a bit nervous about guess what? sharks? no. she is worried about getting hit in the head or pulled under by other aggressive swimmers. some of you might remember an early post i did (see, last year, around august 27, "it's soooo hot...") about my la jolla rough water race wherein i knocked news reporter carol la beau cross eyed. it was only because we were racing and we kept interlocking arms - we were racing for 5th place.  (that wasn't bad as we were 35 years old swimming against 19 years old and up) i kept pushing her to the side and she kept coming back and locking arms, no one was near us in front or behind, just us two. finally, the third time she traveled back to my arms, i did a stroke with my knuckles clenched and came down soundly on her head. that got rid of her until it became a race on the sand through the finish line, luckily for me she tripped and i placed ahead of her.
she talked about it on the news a whole 10 years later. i know because i was watching the news with a huge glass of wine in my hand - spouting off to the family about how i should have taught her an even bigger lesson!!!!  
so rosie worries that the same thing could happen to her. but now she knows how to handle it.
i doubt she will have that problem, she can always put vaseline on her arms and legs so that no one can grab her. can wait to see, actually. its swimming roller derby.
anyway, i have created a number of new paintings with surfing as the theme. it is an appropriate theme for southern california. i like the old 1950-60's look, therefore i chose this palette. i hope you like them.


SOM said...

Ahhhhhh now I know why Ms.Le beau looks Soooo fricken goofey!!!
Go Rosie!!! Good luck!!!

Joy Logan said...

WOW great piece Lisa,as usual! Can't wait to see what you can do with those old bathing beauties I sent,LOL.

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