Monday, September 8, 2008

"dunce quartet".....

 miss this piece too.  it sold after getting first place in a regional show a couple of years ago.
i created this piece right after i got back from italy that year.
we will be leaving for italy again oct. 2.  you would think by now i could speak italian.......i should get rosetta stone, italia.  have you seen the price of those?  like $400!!!

i was up early this morning because my daughter woke me to tell me that there was a terrible disaster (remember she is 13 and half italian, so drama rules).  yesterday she swam the mile la jolla rough water swim.  she was in a grouped aged division 13-19.  its impossible to tell what place she got by watching, we have to wait for the microchiped time to be turned into the result sheets, which normally is posted within the hour of the last person finishing.  this process developed a glitch yesterday, so we have been waiting to hear.  this morning at about 6:30 she pulled the results up on the computer only to find her name not there and the number she wore to be used by someone else!  that was the disaster.
she went off to school irritated.   i looked and discovered the real problem-----  the results are posted for last year in the 2008 slot.  meaning the real ones aren't posted yet.  oy vey - i need my beauty sleep.
the cove looked good, i think i might compete next year - i saw carol le beau there and got the urge. (see previous post)


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