Friday, July 11, 2008

cox sucks.........

for those who do not live in the area....cox is our service provider......i had NO service for a day and a half. or phone service, but for those who know me, know, that's not a big deal as i never answer my phone anyway.

i find the phone a total intrusion on my "think time" or creative time. it interrupts, and therefore when i do answer it i am already pissed off.
it is not the best way to live.

this habit of mine started well before phone solicitation became illegal. back when my mom was alive and had rotary dialing.

it is bad taste not to answer the phone, i know that, but i'm a recluse that way. i do call back. sometimes. thank goodness for emailing, so much more civil, as i can go to m computer while my paint is drying, instead of while i'm mixing/blending paint.

i know in the early years i missed winning a couple of warehouse, clearing house sweepstakes, or something like that. or a chance to improve my credit or an invitation to go on a trip to hear how much we needed a timeshare.

its kinda like spam, gosh, i had no idea i had so many relatives with fortunes in nigeria. who knew?

anyway, so cox is working today and therefore i am able to show you this very interesting picture of some twisted remains of the glendale train wreck (someone in an SUV was going to commit suicide and chickened out, but left his car on the tracks) .
but like a beautiful flower rising from debris, a phoenix from ash, is my angel brooke: as she was one of the reporters reporting on the jurors visit: the other day caught in this interesting photo. (see LA times)

i love you brooke, sorry you have to cover so many gruesome things in LA. i'm also so very sorry to the families who lost their loved ones this way. its too traumatic to even think about. (i would rather answer the phone)


Marilyn Rock said...

When I first opened your Blog, I couldn't make out what the picture was of. Gruesome is right! How awful for the lives lost and their families. I also have to comment that I so relate to your strong dislike of answering the phone. I don't answer phones, here, in my house; annoys the hell out of my husband as he feels it's always someone important - NOT!. I hate hearing the thing ring! It interrupts my thoughts, conversations, creative process, the whole nine yards.

SOL said...

Thank Gawd you're back!!! I've been going through pimpmyspleen withdrawl!!!


SOM said...

SOL??? shoulda said..." SOM"

lisa bebi said...

sol - shit outta luck....still works!

Sol said...

hahahahahaha yeah it does!! Dammit!!


Isabella said...

Good to see someone else with the same thoughts about that darn phone! I never answer mine during the day and rarely in the evening. I'm with you on that one!


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