Saturday, June 28, 2008

time traveler's wife......

i finally finished reading this book. i read at night and often i fall asleep after only a couple of pages. but i stuck with this book and now i am sad that i finished it.
this is not a book i would pick up to day at barnes and noble i was hunting around the new releases and a woman started talking to me from across a huge table. at first i didn't know she was addressing me. she said,..."i saw you holding that book for a moment and i just want to tell you, that is a great book, the best book i have ever read...." and on and on she went....i was startled that she noticed what i was looking at it and felt awkward that she was talking to me at all. i had read the back cover and could not see how this book could be anyone's favorite of all times book...... eventually her husband came from nowhere and ushered her away like she was a bit crazy and needed to get back to her home.
because of that ---I bought the book. (hurray for looney people!!!)

i didn't like the book at first, i don't care for sci-fi and not interested in love stories. the dialogue in" he said- she said" form bugged me. the time jumping around bugged me. but i kept at it. after getting halfway through the book i was hooked. but i became hooked in a subconscious way. it was through my dreams. each night after reading from the book i have had such lucid and spiritual dreams. i time travelled. not like "henry", but i have been looking back on the moments of my life that were passed up before.

someone once said, "what is life but moments....? this is true. during the early years and the child bearing years and the deaths and the births, proud moments, sad moments, embarrassing moments - those time were often raced through because so much needed to get done - then was a frenzied way of living......these moments became forced deep into the back on the mind. especially the trying times.

anyone who knows my personal history knows i have had more than my fair share of shocking and sad times. memories repressed.

this book hit me where it counts. although my life doesn't parallel with what takes place in the book, i found myself being henry and finding myself back to the times when my children were born and times of their childhood, of graduations and awards ceremonies as well as the hardest times in my life, after my husband died suddenly in 1985.

what is life if not moments? having a baby, for instance, is a HUGE life changing experience for everyone and yet it was merely a moment of many moments. and death of a loved one, the final moment of many moments - its just too hard to fathom at its single moment in time.

i don't know if i would suggest this book for you to read, i just wanted to share what affect it had on the unsuspecting me.


Joy Logan said...

oooopsie see comment below...2 bloody marys tonight,oh my!

deb said...

I have read this book three times, unheard of for me to read a book that many times, but I too found it made me stop and think about things that have happened in my past.

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