Monday, June 30, 2008

my new book.........

"anybody out there?" by marian keyes. brooke (my famous, award winning, older daughter) bought me this book. she said that its a great book, but, to beware of the ending. its sad....ah damn, i hate sad endings, but maybe its not really really sad, only sad and then a triumph over sadness of some sort.
i love to read marian keyes as she is light and fluffy (generally) and irish and reads a bit bridget jones diary-ish. so nice after reading"gravediggers daughter" by joyce carol oates, for instance. and a distraction from time traveling.
we will see. i have read all of her other books....her being marian keyes. audrey niffennegger has only written the one book, so far and joyce carol oates, i don't even think anyone knows how many books she has actually written. rosie read "freaky green eyes" and that book doesn't even show up on her lists. (well, the lists that i've seen).

i was going to blog about my wonderful "family paintover" students that i taught today...there is too much to tell, and it is bedtime reading time now, so i will hold off until tomorrow. i will say this, i feel so lucky and blessed to be able to teach so many nice people. i hope they learn to love painting at least a smidgen more than before taking my class. that would give me the biggest pleasure in the world --to know that to be so.
sigh-----nighty-night all.

thank you my sweetie pie brooke, thanks for the new book. i miss you.

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