Wednesday, May 7, 2008

student's art

remember the 2 graces? my company from England last year? well, here is some of their art they left behind from a day's play. i love their colors.
i miss them.
(i don't really know how to crop the image properly, so ignore the white edges.) the top one (red) is kaye's and the other is rona's. they are sisters, can you see their similarities? both are great at creating juicy colors.
or should i say colours.


Graeme said...

Ms. Bebi, I thoroughly enjoy your blog. your art is spectactular in every way. I have a 21 yr. old art major daughter whom I would like to send to one of your art classes. do you have any scheduled anywhere in the northern part of san diego county?
a big fan,

lisa bebi said...

yes, i believe i have a paintover classs in june at stamping details in poway.
thank you for your nice comments.

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