Monday, May 5, 2008

one more on cloth

as you may be able to tell, i need to get more ink today....but was too excited over my product discovery!
this is what it is:
i painted a painting on a small canvas.
i copied from my $89.00 copier the painting to my ETS (new product i'm developing) sheet ( a piece of paper).
got some cloth (bleached muslin here), placed it on a flat surface (my table), brushed water on the cloth with my paint brush, place the image side down on the cloth, burnished it with the side of a garlic salt container (it happened to be hanging around), peeled away the sheet of paper. then i ironed the cloth! that's it.
i could have put this image in the middle of a table cloth, in a finished quilt, on store bought clothes or wherever i feel like, i am not restricted to the size of the cloth as i would be if i ran my cloth through the computer as you can with some products.
i'm stoked!


fredg said...

Dear Lisa,

Well shoot, this new technique has very clear application to the political world too. As the Bush lame duck presidency is well into it's final months there is a website devoted to Bush as the "End of an Error". Pretty clever, huh? And accurate too. Well, I think I'd really like to use this technique to apply the "error" to a pair of underware. Of course very few people would be aware of what I've done but I'd know it and have a lot of fun with it. What do you think?

Cous f

Ted said...

Thank you Lisa.

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