Friday, April 11, 2008

surgery went perfectly

my doctor, dr. delois bean is the best! she has tiny hands and works wonders. my hand is in a soft cast with my fingers out. i can use my fingers, but not too much right now because it needs to heal. i meant, i have normal sensation and could use them. AND, already some of my lost sensation is back. thats so comforting to know straight away. also for another day my right hand remains in a sling.
i was a bit drowsy when i got released yesterday, but the nurse instructed gastone as to when to call to get bandages changed, etc. i think in only one week. thats good as i just found out that i will be doing artwalk in little italy with san diego fine art society.
now for happier is a picture from very near our motel room in port townsend, WA.

i have typed this entry with only my left hand - not my nose!


Anonymous said...

Hi, Lisa,

So glad your surgery went well. I really enjoyed meeting you and the Family Paintover class at ArtFest. I'm ready to try some paintovers on my own. Thanks again.


lisa bebi said...

bunny you and carol really made teaching enjoyable. truly!

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