Tuesday, April 8, 2008

family paintover

thanks to linda of chicago who attended my workshop in paris. this is a paintover of her grandparents - a lovely newly wed couple of it looks like the 1940's.
two workshops within a month have me both psyched and tired. i loved paris so much i can't stop thinking about it (or is it her?).
but artfest in washington state was totally charged with energy and creative minds. of course artfest had nearly 600 people while our workshops in paris had about 15....intimate workshops are cool too.
well thursday is my right hand surgery, i will be out of the writing and painting business for awhile.
as my surgeon said ...." artists and guitarist and others making a living from use of their hands, should have the surgery at an early stage for carpol tunnel. these people need to not neglect their symptoms as severe cases can cause permanent nerve damage."

in my case, i had sudden severe carpol tunnel. it happened overnight, which, apparently is not uncommon. i should be back at it in a couple of weeks.
if i write in my blog in the coming days it will be because a.) i got rosie to type it for me or b.) i typed it very slowly with just my left hand or c.) i learned to type with my nose.

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Joy Logan said...

What a charmed life you lead...Paris and all the great classes you teach in such fun locations. I am waiting for your workshop mag to get here! I am still doing my thing with old photos come by my blog please. I got rejected by Stampington.

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