Friday, March 14, 2008

rosie's collection....continued

Okay so not all the hot paris guys were, uhm, real.

this store front photo was taken along the streets of a district called "the marais"...i loved this area and this is the area where we had our apartment. it was so very cosmopolitan and just "pure paris".

window shopping rose to a level i had never known before. as well as people watching. even rosie who is only 13 said that one of her favorite things to do in paris was to sit in a cafe and people watch. i have never been one to enjoy that too much, but paris does lend itself well to "people watching" even for those who are young and inexperienced to those who are older suffering from ADD.

BUt, i have to say, one of my favorite experiences in paris centered around my olfactory nerves. or one might call it, my nose. ....i loved stepping into a cafe or bistro from a busy, rainy street and have the smell of fresh coffee, pastry and leeky quiche slam me in the nostrils. oh, yeah, thats really living. mmmmm-mm.

i also loved he galleries, but i'm saving that for another post in my blog.

so tonight i said goodbye to my rosie as she boarded yet another plane.....she is off to washington DC and on to the smithsonian with her school for spring break. can you imagine traveling with 300 jr. high kids? i'm glad someone was able to handle that and rosie gets to experience it.

as for me, i'm home now and working very hard getting ready for my next workshop, april 2 in washingotn state. Artfest 2008, here i come. then mid april i will have hand surgery on my painting hand, er right hand. wish me luck.


Anonymous said...

Hi Aunt's Kim. =) When did you guys go to Paris???

lisa bebi said...

hey sweetie:
good to hear from you. we just got back. we were there from march 3-13...wish you were there.
i brought bck a small gift for you and one for your mom.
how are you doing?

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