Thursday, March 13, 2008

rosie's collection...

OK i guess this hot paris guy is a bit old and cold.

we went to the gallery of the middle ages....or, the gallery cluny d'orsay. we went there in the rain on the first day. it was totally enchanting, full of very lovely sculptures and of course a crypt or two. we took the metro from our apartment. the tube is very efficient. i wish we had one here in san diego.
after the gallery visit we went on to stroll along the boulevard de michel, checking out the small stores along the way. i love walking and window shopping in the rain - the beautiful majestic building shined a milky blonde against the gray skies. all along the boulevard were scratchy black leafless trees.

we came upon a small artist supplies store that i fell in love with. i bought paints and paper - the paper i bought was a crepe metallic paper, unusual to me. and i bought acrylic paints, that i later sold during my workshop so that i wouldn't have to lug them back.
i also bought my cane on that street from an old man who took my measurements (of my leg length. silly), then cut the cane of solid maple by hand (not an electric saw) to fit and added the rubber tip which helped me amble better throughout my paris adventures.

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