Friday, February 8, 2008

just hanging in there on friday

it's friday: my art buddy, "meredith" came over today and we worked together a little more quietly than normal --- we were both fighting sinus headaches because neither of us slept well last night. i think i am getting a cold from going to the doctors so much - "meredith" just gets them often.
meredith worked on ATCs - and i worked on my AOC (artist on call) work for stampington. its so much fun to work together even though we aren't doing the same kind of thing. i like watching her form questions of where to put things on her collage-y pieces and how she resolves them. i just ike watching her work....and she too likes to see what i get up to.
today my colors of choice today were: baby blue and deep opaque midnight blue with warm white and a highlights of naples yellow. Stampington sent me a three stamps to play with. one was a scratchy polka dot heart which i love and used as a heart and also i used just a little of it for the texture it leaves behind - i used it with warm white on the blue..reminded me of eyelette lace.
i was also given (as AOC work from stampington) three large clear plastic storage jars to play with. i have been toying with creating a clapboard house out of each of them, then filling the insides with nest-y stuff. maybe thats too predictable......
i will probably end up filling each one with stuff i actually use from my own studio. we will see.
there's three wooden hangers to create with. "meredith" loved them. i also have tiny cubes made of paper, a little plain book to alter and a shadow box. lots of cool toys. fun stuff.

but by the end of the day, i was tired -i have had a strenuous week - moving rooms around to form my new studio spaces.
workshop and demo this week too.
and the painful knee....grrrrr. so i'm ready for bed now - as i slip alseep tonight i will go over all the things "meredith" and i created today...all the things, artists and books we talked about that we of family stories and future ideas. she's my great art friend.

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