Sunday, February 10, 2008

fast swim to sauna

oh nothing like a nice sauna after exerting yourself to the max. so is what my little fishy daughter rosie did today as she raced the mile swim and made junior olympic (JO) time by 10 seconds (she swam the mile on 20 minutes)........that was incredible....but that was not all, she swam one other event today - the 200 breaststroke and made JO time by 6 seconds. that was too much.
afterwards, it was time for me to take my weary body to the sauna. i was really tired from watching her of course.
well that's not all i did, i was also given the responsibility of counting her laps. whew, i was very nervous.
so, bravo rosie! all your hard work is paying off.

you can come to the sauna with me if you like. let's invite kathy, too, cuz she is japanese.

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