Saturday, December 29, 2007

that time of year......

i don't know about you, but i am looking forward to the new year - i love new years resolutions, changing my comfy habits to ones of rigger, self control, discipline and,(gulp, cough, ahem), self management. ugh! i guess that is what a new years resolution is - an attempt at self management. but (ironically) i don't want to. no, no, no!
oh, god, help me pleeeease - why am i such a slob? why am i such an overfed, under exercised, tired old battle axe with definite signs of arthritis, meanness and hard-headedness? --why do i have so much change ahead of me... and why is it such an uphill battle?
what??? its my own damn fault? (i need a margarita from margaritaville)
BUT, my own fault?!?! how does that help this situation, placing fault, pointing fingers, laughing.
*sob* (heavier) *sob*, (hiccup), sniffle, groan......ugh!

ok, i'm over it - i'm going back to bed.


Ramona said...

Phew!! that was close!! Glad you came to your senses!!

Joy Logan said...

I love your work! As we crawl and scratch our way into another year huh? YAY the holidays are over that are way too hyped up anyway. Keep me posted as you do more,and more,and more arts.

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