Friday, December 28, 2007

fortune teller

"the gypsy woman" --i admit it....i go to get my fortune read every once in awhile.....and i have been told some uncanny and hair raising stuff that has been "spot on". i couldn't retell it all here as it is too lengthy... but, i can tell you a bit about my reading of the other day.

--- i usually go to a fortune teller just before the beginning of a new year.
the first thing i was told ( all my readings begin this way) was that i am a very spiritual person and that i possess a great gift in healing or giving inspiration with my hands...(i have always hoped that this meant that i am doing the right thing by being an artist - not instead that i'm being a "misguided waste of life" because i was really meant to be a nurse!!!! oh, the hell with it).

i never tell the fortuneteller anything about myself until the end and i never see the same fortuneteller.

so she told me my grandmother had been visiting me-- that she sees her rubbing her hands together which could mean that she is trying to tell me to use my hands to create something or that she is giving me guidance regarding using my hands (grandma was a quilter). she said that i will know when grandma is visiting me because i will be able to smell her. (poor grandma, i thought, i sure hope no one smells me after i die.) she said if i ever encounter an unidentified smell, then that was probably grandma (at first i was feeling contrary, and told her that i could identify each and ever smell i have ever encountered and didn't know what she was talking about.) but then had to admit, that sometimes i smell lavender.

then she asked me "what on earth are you doing with so many wild horses?" (honestly - i don't know one wild horse) - i'm not sure what that meant. she said they represent strength....(still no clue)

then she saw me turning pages in a book, writing and drawing illustrations, traveling and writing and drawing upon my travels......(hmmm, i am going to be writing and drawing a book in 2008, and i am going to be doing lots of travel...damn she is good!)
she saw little rivers-rivulets or small running water running together and forming one stream turning slightly to the right. (beats me, but suddenly i needed to go to the restroom).

finally, she asked me if i had a question.
yes i did, i wanted to know which path i should take in 2008 to best help my career as i have so many offerings. she told me that the rivulets were all these opportunities and that they will be coming together for me - that i should write and paint about my travels and my larger paintings would follow from that. she also mentioned that there is someone who wants to act as my mentor, who has been trying to contact me, a soul from the past who lived in France--- someone whose name sounded like "cezanne", but she wasn't sure - she said she didn't know a thing about artists' names......(hmmmm, i wonder...)

well, i liked the fortuneteller and decide that she did mean paul cezanne and now i will buy a book about him from amazon.
so to sum it up, i guess my grandma wants to be around while i create, paul cezanne wants to help too, i will be writing and illustrating a book and traveling and writing about that as well. i have many choices in the coming year, but they will all come together to make a mighty stream. that's how i am going to take it --- however, i really can't seem to fit in wild horses. maybe later when i am not so tired it will all become perfectly clear.....
for now, i'm going to go to bed.
goodnight everyone - and goodnight grandma and paul cezanne, i love you.

(i hope paul cezanne averts his eyes when i dress)!!!!


Ted said...

Hmmm...wild horses? Hmmm. how about a couple of broken down trail horses with one foot in the glue factory and the others in a can of Kal Kan? Cheap!!!

lisa bebi said...

ted, you silly - the fortuneteller said the wild horses represented strength, not glue and dog food....but actually....... i could use more of both.

thank you ted, i think you solved the mystery.
and no thanks on your old broken own horse.

Joy Logan said...

This was so fun to read and maybe since I haven't showered in 2 days,busy doing art,she smelled me LOL!

lisa bebi said...

uhm, do you smell like lavender....? yeah, i don't think grandma does either....
sounds like you are a good and passionate art worker, though.

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