Monday, December 3, 2007

dunce quartet

yeah, this is one of my favorite paintings.

i suppose not too surprisingly, a woman bought this painting because she said that three out of the four dunces reminded her of her ex-husbands!!!! i sure didn't envision that sales angle. (she only had 3 ex-husbands, i suppose she is still looking for the fourth).

speaking of husbands - i have to give praise to mine tonight; not only did he make a killer lasagna , but he brought out one of our better bottles of wine from our cellar - er, ok, not a cellar - i think he dug it out from under a table somewhere - not important.
i guess we are celebrating....
celebrating what you ask?
well, having lasagna, of course.

the reason he made lasagna is a testament to our great family dynamics.... i said that i was going to be making it. this caused the child to riot as she knows i'm no it went:

"dddddaaaadddddddY!!! momma is threatening to cook again."
the expert in him woke up, saluted and reported for duty.

that worked out well for me - as i never really feel like cooking anyway. i rather paint dunces.......


Toni said...

Wow, Lisa, I'm impressed. Is that all it takes to get Gastone up and cooking, a simple threat that YOU are going to?? Hmmm, how can I make that work in my house! Maybe I need to borrow your daughter for the extra dramatic feature :)

lisa bebi said...

the daughter is the only secret!

well, and i'm not really a good cook.

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