Friday, November 9, 2007

umbria, italy farmhouse for workshop

this is the lovely farmhouse i have for the umbrian workshop in october 2008. (second week of october) each room has its own kitchen, tv, heat all the stuff you would find at a 4 star hotel.

the classes to be taught so far, apart from my own collage and paintover techniques, are once in a lifetime classes...these other professional artists have agreed to teach just this once....
a plein air class (outdoor painting and sketching)taught by a local (Gubbio) artist who has had his own successful gallery for over 10 years.
AND a local (gubbio) artisan who will teach you Etruscan and umbrian ceramics. he also has had his own successful gallery and studio for over 30 years!
and, a local shop owner who will teach local contemporary craft. all classes have an interpreter. beginners welcome. most supplies are provided.
i am working out the cost now - but promise to be reasonable.

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