Thursday, October 4, 2007

traveling together

we leave friday morning...a very, very long journey awaits us. first, we leave here at the crack-ass of dawn. if you read my blog, you have probably noted that i am a night owl. the crack-ass of dawn does not work with me. sigh.
then we travel over 14 hours (one change in some weird part of the country, probably roswell, new mexico) to get to rome. guess what time we get in at the roman airport? yep, the crack-ass of dawn. after custom's routine hassle, we then get in our rental car and drive 2 1/2 hours to gubbio, umbria. its truly a beautiful drive all through tuscany, but i will have my eyes glued on my husband's eyes as i suspect he will contract "drive apnea" (i made that condition up) and we will finish our morning in caesar's hospital or some otherwise likely named emergency room hospital in rome.

if he so much as nods a hello, i plan to poke him with a stick. i'm pretty sure he has driven with his eyes shut before.
and then there is the awful horn blasting, nutty, f**k you-ing, chaotic, rule breaking roman drivers. and the incredibly swarmy vespas.
i think we ought to drive around in armour, perhaps some gladiator shields, or just pick up some gladiators. they still hang out in front of the Colosseum.

so i admit, i am a very nervous, er, neurotic passenger. i jump and shout at the slightest possibility of something going wrong, plus my vivid (and ordniarily enviable) imagination (i.e. i can imagine what the people in the car in front of us might suddenly maneuver, and yeah, i have every possible scenario in my head) PLUS i am sure i am by the time we get to my in-laws house, i will be a complete wreck, unless we are in one first.
my husband will be a wreck too. yeah, he will try to blame me for that, even though i was only being helpful.
and rosie, well, she will probably demonstrate her psychic ability too and scream more than once. i will have to tell her she is making me nervous and she will further demonstrate her extremely low threshold for frustration and fear- only she will have to work very hard to make sure we can hear her over the full volume of her earphoned ipod.
once we get to our in-laws, they will have a ton of delicious food that my mother-in-law slaved over. i tknow this cuz she always tells me. we will have an uncanny amount of family visitors over(like the entire village, i kid you not) well into the night, none of whom have ever heard of jet-lag.
and, of course i lied in my last post, i wasn't secretly learning italian...well, i meant to, but shoot, time flew by and now i will be restricted to nodding approvingly with elbows that are asleep, while gastone's folks look at me quizzically.
oh hell, i have already tired myself out. i better stop blogging and go to bed. i need to pack in the morning. i better pack some change in my carry-on so that i can buy some vino on the plane - yeah, even at the crack-ass of dawn. do you blame me?
ciao, my bellas and bellos.


fredg said...

Dear Lisa,

Things are really hectic here and I lost track of your upcoming journey - - I hope the trip is safe and as hassle free as possible. Once you're rested up I know you'll have a great time. love to all, f p.s. I'll wave to you when you fly over Washinton, ok?

Anonymous said...

I'd think you are well practiced after driving the I-15...

lisa bebi said...

you could be right about the i-15, BUT not the same scenery..........but how should i know, i will be the passenger with a big stick in my hand strictly watching both the driver and the road!

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