Tuesday, October 2, 2007

sports, saved by a great fight

there was one great sporting event on september 29, which gave my husband some reprieve. it was the middle weight championship match between black Jermaine Taylor vs. very white man, Kelly Pavolik. it was hosted in Youngstown, Ohio, a very excited, eager town. this was real boxing like the old days when great writers like AJ liebling followed the sport. i didn't watch the first two rounds - but caught them on replay....after solid hits without rest flew back and forth, taylor looked to be the hardest hitting one to me. the "less (in size) than great white hope" pavolik was pummeled to the ground in the second round. within 2 more rounds, the aggressive black fighter had spent himself and began to show it. the "less than great white hope" clapped him a few good ones in the corner until Taylor's face reshaped itself a couple of times before he slumped to he ground and the match was called. turns out pavolik has a damn hard hand.
that was a real boxing match ( a bit short) but still there was no extra pompous outrageous chest beating before hand (that i saw anyway) and the boxers wore boxers, not some wild attire with feathers or extra long fringe.

afterwards, there was no howard cosell interview (thats a bummer) just a sedate conversation between that guy who is usually drunk and the fighter. funny, i even thought pavolik was intelligible, if not intelligent. that was a nice surprise

well, i liked it....but don't mention this to my husband...its a secret. he doesn't need to know everything i do. BTW, i'm also learning to speak italian as a secret, so i can hear what my in-laws are saying about me. shhhhhhhh.

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