Sunday, September 30, 2007

wife missing.....

that was me during the pathetic Chargers football game ....i don't even know much about football but i knew it would be better if i were out shopping for a vacuum cleaner at walmart. (i bought a bissell for $65, so far it is better than the two i got at costco and much cheaper). they all promote no bags and to not lose suction...yah, yah yah, we will see. i also bought from costco a shark by brissell a little cordless vacuum - that one is a good one for quick little pickups after meals...
kathy helped me today clearout some stuff from "memories in the making" a scrapbook store near my house at the vons shopping center, that i was renting some space from (with toni torgersen) as a second studio. they are closing down after 10 good years. i have really grown attached to the ladies there...i will really miss them...they are so pleasant all the time. shelly, one of them, will be helping me with my new etsy account. see its up and running but not much is there yet.

anyway, memories will close their doors in a couple of weeks after having a nice big sale on everything including store fixtures. if i were you, i would get over there for the big sale.
so the football game finished and afterward was a new york game, since my husband grew up in NY, i thought i might as well come home with the new vacuum. not sure, did NY win afterall?
i will let you know about the vacuum too.

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