Sunday, September 30, 2007

four seasons of lisa

this is a horrible picture of me. actually it isn't the picture really, its that i actually look like this that's bad. this is a photobooth picture colored four ways. the reason i put this up tonight is because i feel like each of these colors right now. i feel sad (blue) because i miss my company, i feel tired (violet, like my under eye color) from not sleeping lately because i have had a stomach ache (green) and finally i feel old, (purple, minus red hat) because i am.
yesterday and today i volunteered for the Woman's Caucus for Art, San Diego with their annual juried show take-in . this year the venue is at the Woman's History Museum and education center 2323 Broadway in Golden Hill. The two groups formed a partnership for this month long event entitled "Woman's Work in the 21 Century". opening reception is October 6, 5-8, awards ceremony October 27, 2- 4 p.m. i saw some really wonderful art come in the door these last two days.

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