Sunday, September 9, 2007

tough competition

and i do mean tough!!!!

our little rosie is growing up. today she swam her 6th annual rough water swim. she was hoping to win it - she didn't, she got 5th. not bad, but she was crying mad. her coach had to explain to her that the competition gets tougher each year. this time, "tough" turned into something i would have done (see previous post in august entitled "its soooooo hot"), where i tell the tale of when i swam the cove against (channel 10) newscaster carol le beau and was forced to pop her one on the head. yeah, yeah....

ANYWAY, rosie got caught in some physical smashing, but continued on and swam through it all, albeit, as mad as a hornet.....we are so proud of her!
my friend mary swam the gatorman and made it!!!! YAY! Mary!

*********Hoboy, "Curb Your Enthusiasm" is back on HBO!!!!! that's one funny show. our favorite.
time for bedsie now. nighty-night.

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