Saturday, September 8, 2007

One "extra long" - Gone

This piece is entitled "extra long", 8" x 14", $300. but i was referring to the pervious post about the extra long twin bed i was needing to dispose is gone!!!!!

a wonderful family with a like son (only a couple years younger than mine, but just as tall)in a different UC school needed the bed for his bedroom back at his parents' home, so that his legs wouldn't dangle off the end while catching his beauty sleep during holidays from school.
the uc system has extra long twin beds in the dorms....that comes in handy when we la mesan parents keep growing our boys up to be 6 foot 5 inches. so the bed went afterall and to a good cause.

the good cause being, comfortable sleep for a growing lad.

tomorrow is our family's VERY big day for the year!!!!! we are very excited!.....we will all go watch our 12 year old rosie blast throw the ocean in her annual la jolla rough water swim. she came in second by only a small trip up last year. we are hoping for a re-match with the kelp and sandy beach this year. (see

also, my friend mary will be doing the gatorman (3 grueling miles in open water)..she is worried that she will be the oldest one there....i doubt that. i think that out of over 400 plus swimmers, someone will be older than (ahem, 35!)...ok, 46. go mary, go!!!!!

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Colette George said...

I have a son that's tall too, over 6'2 now. We had to do the whole exlong twin too. funny.

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