Friday, September 28, 2007

shoes, altered shoes...

i bought my daughter, rosie, a few pairs of ten dollar shoes tonight and asked her to alter them - to perhaps submit into the next altered couture magazine. i was amazed, as were "the graces" (see previous posts regarding the graces) how quickly rosie took to changing the shoes. she immediately started to color them, draw and write words on them; she did not hesitate a second as to what she wanted to do to them. i have watched her all her young life do this. she has instant and immediate access to her creative spirit. it is as though her mojo is constantly running. oh how i wish i could gather that pixie dust of hers and sprinkle it on each one of my adult students.
after a little while she will take her "masterpiece" over to me and explain what she has done. she will be very delighted with her own creation.....another mind set i wish i could capture and distribute.
she never asks me what to do next as she knows without a doubt what she needs to do. she needs to express herself and she knows that only she can do that - how could she ask for the next step from someone else?
who among us, is that centered? i wish we all were. i believe that because of this, she experiences a heightened spirituality; a deeper, more fulfilling life, every moment of it.

she isn't this way just because she is young, because i have taught many children and sadly they have hesitations. it is some sort of gift; a "free ride card" and "e" ticket given to her at birth...i don't know.
or perhaps it is because something didn't happen to her, no one ever tried to squelch or control her creative spirit. and maybe somehow school didn't kill her spirit off either. what a miracle. i am in awe of her.

so here is to youth and to mind bending permissiveness to ones' own mojo -here's to keeping your mojo running always at idle until revving it up on a new project. here is to excitement about art and fearlessness and pride. here is to feeling at one with your creative juices so that you know what you just created is what you were meaning to create.
i applaud rosie for showing me this can happen....i love her anyway just cuz she is my child........ but at the same time i revere her for her spirituality - she will never know what it is like to fear art....


Ramona said...

Like Mother like Daughter!!

Ahhhh "wonder Woman II", :)

Meant in a very good way!!

Shelly said...

Lisa, what a beautiful, moving sentiment. I think you should print it out and keep it for to her to reflect on someday. A mother's love is a mighty powerful force. It could be just the thing she needs to buoy her over the inevitable bumps she may experience one day... :)

lisa bebi said...

thanks shelly...
i think i will. maybe i will think up a nice way to showcase it for her - perhaps you can help. i'm thinking of folding it into a little artfully colored box with tiny gemstone accents and a trace of gold leaf. almost like a shrine. i would fold the message inside and place in a small plastic sleeve. what do you think?

Shelly said...

I think that's a great idea and sounds like a fun project.

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