Saturday, September 29, 2007

bye-bye graces

well, tomorrow the graces blast off toward their home land, england...tally-ho dear lassies. they are the nearest thing i have to sisters - i really love them and will miss them awfully.
they had a couple of art lessons from me while here. i have to say they really did well. neither of them has had any training in art, but they grasped what to do very well. i am pleased with them. it is late tonight and they have already gone off to the morning i will ask if i may post their art.

we went to mexico yesterday on a lobster run ...while there i inquired in at puerto nuevo, how much it would be to have an art retreat with constant supply of margaritas and lobsters...we are working out a deal. it looks like it might be very doable for a long weekend of art creating right on the pacific ocean. i mean, imagine sitting right above the crashing waves with a nice buzz on. the hotels are new, clean and updated. they have a nice swimming pool/spa and ocean front rooms. i'm thinking of next summer.
what do you think?


Shelly said...

SIGN ME UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ramona said...

sign me up too!! I'm not an artist but I can eat lobster and drink margaritas!!!!

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