Tuesday, September 25, 2007

the rose

here's a picture of my daughter taking a photo of herself. cutie-pie - altho sometimes she can get a bit too jr. high-ish. but i figure right now that is a good thing as it keeps her from being picked up on by older men.- er, hopefully. (see early previous warnings about shotguns, mafia affiliations and temper tantrums.)
anyway, she gets her photo up here today because she made honor roll and a near perfect report card. we are so proud of her.
her birthday is coming up mid november....i think she deserves a horsey...no, only kidding, no horsey. she might deserve one of those cute new tiny ipods i saw at costco. we'll see.
noticed the cute toilet in the background? i guess she was in front of the bathroom mirror.
the "graces" and i went shopping and then ate at anthony's.... later rona and i had stomach aches. we are both over it now, thank goddness - we had the same lunch, soup and 1/2 sandwich. the thought of it now is kinda barfy.
for dinner i made fried pork chops; (perfect for the queasy stomach. only kidding...i made sure we were over the tummy problem before embarking on the chops) the graces had never heard of deep frying (thin) porkchops...hmmm, must be something my mom from the south taught me to cook when i was a baby. i flour the chops and fry in hot peanut oil. once fried, i squeeze lemon juice and add salt....its perfect. rona made mashed potatoes all russets except one half a yam. oh boy, that was tasty, and better for you with a bit of yam.

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