Sunday, September 23, 2007

las vegas

just got back from las vegas...the graces saw the cirque del sol, beatles...they loved it.
while they watched the show gastone and rosie and i walked around from casino to casino. i was hoping to do some minor gambling, feeling lucky this weekend.
but with a kid, its hard. finally just before leaving the state, we stopped for gas in Jean, Nevada...i went into the casino to buy drinks for everyone and played a couple of dollars on the machine at the bar...and got $31.50 for my trouble. i thought that was good until one of the british "graces" (see prior posts), kaye, told me she just pulled down a handle on an abandoned machine and it spit out over $40.! shoot, now that's lucky, she won without putting any money in!!!!! she also won another $40 on her own at and 25 cent machine.
heck, at least i tried the dollar machine.
of course, we all lost a bit. not money, but a bit of good health as we all came out wheezing and coughing from all the cigarette smoke. none of us are used to that.

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