Friday, September 7, 2007

entitled "manic excitement"

this was a very early painting i did when i got back to painting. It is a Kandinsky-ish-fish. it is 20 x 24, framed and SOLD. sorry.

I went back to the doctor today to have my feet checked out. again. It wasn't Dr. "hot" sadly, but Dr. Chin. my husband teased me about going to a chin doctor for my feet. silly man. see what i have to put up with?
anyway, Dr. Chin determined i needed a podiatrist and needed (ugh!) arch support. yeah, i know that's what Dr. Hot told me. i thought i DID get better shoes, (they weren't flip-flops, afterall) but after Dr. Chin inspected them he said they were no good. dang. now i need really ugly ones.

Dr. Chin has no bedside manner. i mean, he hardly massaged my feet at all, then he insults me with this less than sexy diagnosis of flat feet.
he continued to demonstrate with his hand just how... over time, weight and age, the arch can go flat. i didn't need to see that. i didn't need to hear the words, age nor weight either. humpf.
the final insult was (the first insult being: he wasn't doctor hot)the diagnostic sheet he gave me as a parting gift said he discussed plan of action with patient to:

1. get proper arch support,
2. exercise, AND
3. LOSE WEIGHT!!!!! what the...*^#$^*((%@!. he never said a word to my face about weight lose or exercise...what a weasel.

Besides Dr. Hot told me, i didn't need to diet......., but if i wanted to, he recommended i start on the "kaiser fast". i love dr. hot. i'm taking my feet to him next time no matter what.

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