Saturday, September 8, 2007

takes a lickin' and it keeps on tickin'

kathy (otherwise known as the human "energizer bunny"or something from Timex) has been coming to help me clean and clear the house. she is using a "full on attack" approach. we worked or rather she worked last night under floodlights in the livingroom. my family was coming and going while she did a miraculous break-down and build up again of the dining room scene. she worked nonstop from 6 pm. to past 9p.m.!!!!

where was i? i was being the Foothills Art Association's Vice President and conducting the intro to the night's demonstration. fortunately, the art association is near to my home. so i was able to buzz back and forth. i was not much help to kathy until today when we jointly attacked the back two bedrooms. she's amazing. i couldn't have done it without her. i have trouble throwing things out, she directed me to "go ahead" and toss stuff. so, "out" today went my son's bed!!! that was a very hard thing to do emotionally for me, but....
he has completed college and has a job in santa barbara..Kathy told me it was OK to use his room now for art stuff. i put the bed and headboard and box spring out in front of the house with a "free" sign on it. by afternoon, it was gone. i thought my husband would be happy about this, but he was cautious. he thought perhaps i should have sold the bed. frankly, i was very surprised someone took it home. but what do i know.

so things are shaping up -- a few more days and maybe it will look like a house again and then i will be ready for the british invasion.
i have been reading "running with scissors" by augusten burroughs

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