Wednesday, September 19, 2007

after lunch today

the two graces and i went to my studio in Escondido to clean up a bit and get ready for the big show coming up. the second Saturday in October will be open studio along with wine tasting. i think everyone will be there except you know, i will be holding shop in Italy. but my work will be there and for sale along with the works of Rene Richetts, Joan Irving and Victoria Hutchins. Please go and enjoy yourself.
Joan Irving Glass Design
451 E. Valley Parkway
Escondido, California 92025
Phone: 760.735.8890

speaking of enjoying ....after the clean up i took the Graces to the La Tapia Restaurant in Escondido, an old authentic Mexican food place. we decided
margaritas would be very refreshing after the studio cleanup. the waitress asked us if we wanted a pitcher - we thought - why not?
i know i talk about drinking a lot on this blog, but i tell you i have never ordered a pitcher of margaritas before --- THAT was some huge pitcher. i think we had 3 big glasses each.
this ATC (artist trading card) is entitled "sleeping beauties" which visually describes the rest of our day.

the two graces are the graces, BUT the beauties were those drinks.

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