Saturday, August 25, 2007

where does it come from?

i had a busy busy week, desperately avoiding housework...can be tiring. i had some very involved art pieces due this week for the magazines (stampington) and the write-ups. then a lot of celebrating, meredith's bday was celebrated yesterday and a day with my daughter brooke was thursday lunch (we were celebrating the fact that she quit her job...,) my cousin bruce (came out from Oklahoma) and his two grown kids was thursday dinner - i love my cousin bruce - he has wonderful kids, makes me believe in our family. (they are 3 generations, now, of serving this country).
earlier this week, i met with toni and emily and shelly all separately about our evolving business of gallery ownership , products line and workshops. wednesday night my immediate family and i went out to dinner to celebrated that fact that one of my husband's deadbeat clients paid up. yay! thats always a relief.

so what is this that i posted today? well, many times people want to know where my ideas come from. all my paintings of my family come from these little black and whites photos; my family album. this blue page that is posted here is only an 8" x 10", the images are almost microscopic. you can see the one i use a lot of my mom sitting in the that picture. when i was a little girl - and to this day, i have LOVED thumbing through my family albums (as there are many volumes). i cherish, in particular, the photos of my parents on their honeymoon. they romantically chose to drive up old california hyway 101, the coastal hyway scenic route (beautiful)in my dad's new convertible. that was before my mom learned to put petal to metal.

my dad contracted alzhiemers before he died, during that time he re-arranged the photo albums, when i realized he was doing that i nearly fainted. he knew i loved them very much and he was only trying to make them better for me. which is so sweet, BUT, he had alzhiemers......anyway, i was able to get him off that subject and on to something else just in time. for the most part, i think they are still understandable and intact. (sigh) i miss my dad.
anyway, so thats where some of my work comes from.


Anonymous said...

your art is beautiful!! and I love your BLOG!! but when I read the "prdal to the metal" line I couldn't help thinking about your mom and that reddish orange firebird from the 70's!!! I always thought that car had your mom written all over it!!!

lisa bebi said...

isn't that the truth....
she used to refer to herself as the real little old lady from pasadena --- only from lemon grove!

she had a number of speeding tix in that firebird - mainly because it idled at 45 mph. it was kinda souped-up. the bright orange color was bolder than any flaming gay man from hillcrest would choose.

also she got a few police pull- overs for drunk driving, only she never drank! and once in awhile she had a flat from making a right turn over the center island on a busy road.
she backed up on the freeway. and had a constant ding on her left door from running into the speakers at carl's jr. er, more than once.

Anonymous said...

you're killing me!!!! hahahahahahahahahaha I'm dyin stop please!!!!!! oh god the memories!!! thank you!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The center photo of your Ruby and Max, I thought it was Lisa and Danny!

lisa bebi said...

yeah, except danny and i aren't that old. ahem, cough..

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